Hot Eats and Cool Reads: Book Review: Death Before Dishonor by 50 Cent and Nikki Turner

Sep 15, 2011

Book Review: Death Before Dishonor by 50 Cent and Nikki Turner

Description from Goodreads:

Trill Johnson has five years of jail time under his belt, two women trying to get inside his pants, and one mission in his heart of hearts: Get the suckers who sold him out. And get 'em good. Sunni James will do anything for Trill. Lie, cheat, steal. Even risk losing her successful beauty salon to save him from the mean streets of Richmond.
Precious Pay will do anything for Trill, too. She cribbed his kid while he did his time, so now she wants Trill to pay for the leg she lost in a robbery gone wrong.
But when love is a lie, who do you trust? When the deals turn dirty, who do you betray? And when the guns start blazing, who's going down?

My Thoughts:

I give this book credit for one thing, great editing. I feel cheated though. This book is labeled as a novella, which I've read a few of before, and it worked. This book however, didn't work. The characters have no depth to them and neither did the story. It just ended, unexpectedly. No explanation as to what happened to anyone. (How irritating when you think there's another 20 pages left only to find out it's previews to other books ugh.) I wish there would've been more to this book, maybe another 100 pages. I wanted to see karma catch Precious and give her what she deserved with her conniving self.

I would rate this 2.5 stars but, since I can't (no half stars on GR), I will give it 3 in hopes there might be a sequel someday. 

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