Book Review: The Saddest Girl in the World by Cathy Glass

Description from Goodreads:
The bestselling author of Damaged tells the true story of Donna, who came into foster care aged ten, having been abused, victimised and rejected by her family. Donna had been in foster care with her two young brothers for three weeks when she is abruptly moved to Cathy's. When Donna arrives she is silent, withdrawn and walks with her shoulders hunched forward and her head down. Donna is clearly a very haunted child and refuses to interact with Cathy's children Adrian and Paula. After patience and encouragement from Cathy, Donna slowly starts to talk and tells Cathy that she blames herself for her and her brothers being placed in care. The social services were aware that Donna and her brothers had been neglected by their alcoholic mother, but no one realised the extent of the abuse they were forced to suffer. The truth of the physical torment she was put through slowly emerges, and as Donna grows to trust Cathy she tells her how her mother used to make her wash herself with wire wool so that she could get rid of her skin colour as her mother was so ashamed that Donna was mixed race. The psychological wounds caused by the bullying she received also start to resurface when Donna starts reenacting the ways she was treated at home by hitting and bullying Paula, so much so that Cathy can't let Donna out of her sight. As the pressure begins to mount on Cathy to help this child, things start to get worse and Donna begins behaving in erratic ways, trashing her bedroom and being regularly abusive towards Cathy's children. Cathy begins to wonder if she can find a way to help this child or if Donna's scars run too deep.

My Thoughts:
Cathy Glass is one of those authors, who's books, I always look forward to reading. She is one of those special people who has an incredible heart and it makes you wish everyone in the world could be touched by her. The Saddest Girl in the World is another great book she has written. She is caring for a little girl named Donna. Once again, Cathy's patience and love as a foster carer help Donna through her issues from the horrible abuse she suffered from her Mother and siblings. Cathy's books are hard to read, some of the things these children go through are horrific but what she does for them is so worth the read!
I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars!