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Feb 12, 2012

Book Review: Ghetto Superstar by Nikki Turner

Description from Goodreads:
Fabiola Mays was born to sing. She has a voice like honey and a body to match, but one heartbreaking setback after another threatens to derail her dreams of a recording deal. To make matters worse, it’s Christmastime, rent is past due, and the cops intend to kick her tight-knit family to the curb–until a small-town gangster comes to the rescue and offers them a place to stay.

Years pass, and Fabiola continues to play gigs and travel around the country hoping for another shot at fame. She’s long forgotten the gangster named Casino who bailed out her family once upon a time. But when Casino is shot, Fabiola feels that she must help the man who helped her family during their lowest point.

As Fabiola climbs the ladder of success, she is pulled between the spotlight and the street, trying to resist industry moguls who find the allure of fresh meat irresistible and the thugs from the shadowy side of the ghetto who threaten to keep her close.

My Thoughts:
Fabiola is such a sweet main character and you find yourself rooting for her on her journey to stardom. I also loved Casino's character. Despite their age difference, they seem like they would be an amazing couple. Fabiola finds herself caught up in many obstacles during her early singing days. Most people would've given up, but she still trudged on with the help of her momager, Viola. 

This is a decent book overall, but coming from Nikki Turner, I expected more. It was slow moving and the book didn't really cover as much of the story as it could've. I hated the ending, it left no explanation and since it's been quite a few years since this book was released so I'm not even sure if there is even a sequel in the works. 

3.5 stars out of 5


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