Book Review: If I Should Die Before I Wake by Han Nolan

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Unique historical non fiction young adult book about the Holocaust

Description from Goodreads:

Hilary hates Jews. As part of a neo-Nazi gang in her town, she's finally found a sense of belonging. But when she's critically injured in an accident, everything changes.

Somehow, in her mind, she has become Chana, a Jewish girl fighting for her own life in the ghettos and concentration camps of World War II.

Han Nolan offers powerful insight into one young woman's survival through the Holocaust and another's journey out of hatred and self-loathing.

My thoughts:

The cover of this book is so beautiful in such a dark way. I was immediately drawn to it, and just knew I had to read it. Hilary is part of a neo Nazi gang and dislikes Jews in every way. 

She gets into a motorcycle accident with her boyfriend and while she is in a coma, she becomes a Jewish girl named Chana during World War II. Going back and forth from present day in a coma to Chana's journey from her home, to the Lodz Ghetto and finally Auschwitz we learn what life is/was like for both Hilary and Chana.    

This book is very well written and the author tells a great, but very sad story. Everything that Chana was forced to endure broke my heart. I have read quite a few books about the Holocaust, but with each new one read, you learn of so many more different horrors of the Holocaust. 

I really liked the unique storyline and the characters. Even though this book is aimed at Young Adults, it can be read by adults as well. The content is sometimes difficult to read, but it is a great portrayal of life in the ghetto and camps. 

It was a great book overall and I am so glad I stumbled across it!

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars

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