Restaurant Review: Pappy's Chicago Style Eatery St Paul, Minnesota

I was visiting a friend in St Paul last weekend and we wanted a quick and reasonable place to eat before getting ready for our girl's night out. She suggested Pappy's and we decided to check it out!

They have a decent sized menu with a great selection. You can find Chicago style dogs, Catfish, Philly Cheesesteak, Dipped Italian Beef, Gyros and so much more. The prices are super reasonable too. We took ours to go, and we were in and out within 10-15 minutes.

My friend Amanda and I decided to get the Philly Cheesesteak and fries. The total was under $7.00 which included the sandwich and fries. Beverages are extra. I was very happy with my meal. The fries were great and the sandwich was awesome. The bread was good and the meat was tender and flavorful. I would definitely get this again!

My friend, Shannon, decided to get the Italian Beef. The amount of meat on the sandwich was ridiculous, she could hardly bite it! They are dipped, so if you get it to go, it will be really soggy by the time you get to eat it. She thought it was good overall and it ended up being more than enough for one meal.

You can find Pappy's Chicago Style Eatery at:
1783 Maryland Ave E
St Paul, MN 55119