Book Review: Antebellum: A Novel by R. Kayeen Thomas

Description from Goodreads:
A thought-provoking novel about African-American culture seen through the eyes of a famous rapper who is transported to the days of slavery and forced to experience it firsthand. When Moses is sent back in time, he finds himself a slave forced to live the life of his ancestors. A rapper in current time, Moses must confront the reality of the African-American experience as slavery challenges everything he holds dear from his fellow rappers and their lyrics, to the executives and their motives. Antebellum is the hard-hitting, gritty story of Moses. From rap superstar to broken slave and back, Antebellum will have readers on the edge of their seats and keep them talking long after they put it down.

More about the book from the author:

 My Thoughts:
I am a huge fan of books about slavery, so when I first read the description of this book, I knew that I needed to read it. R. Kayeen Thomas does a great job combining urban fiction with historical fiction in this novel. 

Moses, the main character, who's also known for his very controversial name, is a popular rapper who lives life for music, women, drugs, drinking etc. The fast life is leading him down a very rocky road. He gets shot by a rival rapper's crew and during his coma he gets transported back into slavery.

I cannot even describe the torture and pain Moses had to endure as a slave. It is so heartbreaking to know these horrible things happened in our history and how some of these brave souls survived. Life on the plantation was well described and very real feeling. I also loved how the past and present time were tied together. Overall, I thought this book was phenomenal and I cannot wait to read the sequel. The author did a great job!

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars

*I received this book from the publisher, Strebor Books, to read and review. The opinion is my own, and not influenced in any way.*