Hot Eats and Cool Reads: October Foodie Penpal Reveal

Nov 1, 2012

October Foodie Penpal Reveal

 This last month has gone by so quickly! I had an awesome foodie penpal this month and was super excited when I opened the box she sent me! Every month I eagerly await my box to arrive in the mail at work. I always have everything shipped there since I live in an apartment and my packages never fit in the small mailbox. Normally I'm the one who usually checks the mail at work, but my Dad does from time to time as well. I got an email from my penal asking if I received my box yet since it had been delivered the week before. I was so sad thinking that it got lost somewhere at the Post Office. Lo and behold, my Dad got the mail the day my box arrived, along with a bunch of other packages. He set them all aside not even noticing that my foodie box was mixed in. It was there the whole time and I didn't even know it!! Thank goodness it was actually there and not lost! Whew!

The awesomeness I received:

Rice noodles! I am super excited to try these! I am a huge pasta lover and this sounds like a great alternative to traditional pasta!

I am a huge wild rice lover since it is everywhere in MN and totally loved this blend with brown rice! I will be posting a new recipe using it in a couple days!!

The zesty salsa pita crackers were delicious! They had so much flavor on them and we loved them!

The cookies and the peanut honey pretzel bar look great too! I will be trying them soon!

If you'd like to receive a box of your very own please visit the Foodie Penpals link here!


  1. Good Morning Sheena, What a treat you had in store when you opened your parcel. Isn't it wonderful to receive surprises. I have had fun reading your post so I have become a new follower. I see you enjoy reading books, I think you will enjoy my post about my Quarto Bible which I wrote about. Looking forward to reading many more of your posts. Sending you best Wishes from England. Daphne


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