Hot Eats and Cool Reads: Book Review: The Healer: by Antti Tuomainen

Apr 18, 2013

Book Review: The Healer: by Antti Tuomainen

Book summary:
One man’s search for his missing wife in a dystopian futuristic Helsinki that is struggling with ruthless climate change.

It’s two days before Christmas and Helsinki is battling a ruthless climate catastrophe: subway tunnels are flooded; abandoned vehicles are left burning in the streets; the authorities have issued warnings about malaria, tuberculosis, Ebola, and the plague. People are fleeing to the far north of Finland and Norway where conditions are still tolerable. Social order is crumbling and private security firms have undermined the police force. Tapani Lehtinen, a struggling poet, is among the few still able and willing to live in the city.

When Tapani’s beloved wife, Johanna, a newspaper journalist, goes missing, he embarks on a frantic hunt for her. Johanna’s disappearance seems to be connected to a story she was researching about a politically  motivated serial killer known as “The Healer.” Desperate to find Johanna, Tapani’s search leads him to uncover secrets from her past. Secrets that connect her to the very murders she was investigating...

The Healer is set in desperate times, forcing Tapani to take desperate measures in order to find his true love. Written in an engrossingly dense but minimal language, The Healer is a story of survival, loyalty, and determination. Even when the world is coming to an end, love and hope endure.

My thoughts:
I was super excited when I found out I won this book through First Reads on Goodreads. I am a huge fan of dystopian fiction, so this was right up my alley. The book was just average in my opinion, and read more like a mystery, than dystopian books I've read previously. That was my misunderstanding though. The story moved fairly slow and was somewhat predictable. It's not a waste of time, but I've read much more interesting stories. It was my first Finnish crime book, so I definitely found that interesting as I love to read different types of books. 

Overall I rate this book 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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