Hot Eats and Cool Reads: Book Review: How Poetry Saved My Life: A Hustler's Memoir by Amber Dawn

May 2, 2013

Book Review: How Poetry Saved My Life: A Hustler's Memoir by Amber Dawn

Book Summary:
How Poetry Saved My Life, Amber Dawn's sophomore book, reveals an even more poignant and personal landscape—the terrain of sex work, queer identity, and survivor pride. This memoir, told in prose and poetry, offers a frank, multifaceted portrait of the author's experiences hustling the streets of Vancouver, and the how those years took away her self-esteem and nearly destroyed her; at the crux of this autobiographical narrative is the tender celebration of poetry and literature, that—as the title suggests—acted as a lifeline during her most pivotal moments.

As raw and fiery as its author, How Poetry Saved My Life is a powerful account of survival and the transformative power of literature

My thoughts:
I was excited to read this book since I'm a huge lover of memoirs. Poetry isn't really my thing, but I'm always willing to give any type of book a try.

This book was average compared to other memoirs I've read in the past. Parts of Amber Dawn's story were very interesting, but overall it lacked a complete memoir in my opinion. The poetry was good. I love how when reading about someone's life, you learn about people who's life is so very different from your own. This book is overall a decent read, I just wish it would've been a little longer, and more in depth.

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars

I won this book from First Reads on Goodreads. That has not influenced my opinion in any way.

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