Our First Trip To Paul Bunyan Land in Brainerd MN

This last weekend my best friend Stacy and I decided to bring our kids to Paul Bunyan Land. I was so excited to have my daughter experience the same fun that I had when I was a kid! Although it's changed locations since then, it was a great time!!

Admission was reasonable as well as souvenirs. We enjoyed a picnic on site before in the huge picnic area. There are appx 20 rides and we rarely waited in line and the kids were able to ride multiple times in a row if no one else was waiting. In addition to the amusement park, they have another attraction called "The Pioneer Village" which are a whole bunch of small buildings in a village filled with the antiques associated with the theme of each building. Very Cool!  I would highly recommend this attraction to any family looking for something to do during summer! We will be going every year!



  1. I absolutely loved Paul Bunyan Land when I was little!!! (Did we ever go together?) I remember how ginormous Paul looked (does he still look that big?)!! I am pretty certain that I would absolutely love The Pioneer Village now! Did you ever go to Pioneer Park in Annandale for a field trip? I loved that place.... wonder if it's still around!

  2. I only went there once and it was with the Schyma's. We should try and go together if you are here in the summer again! We didn't even look at the whole village, so I am excited to check that out next summer! I don't think I've been to the place in Annandale!

  3. Oh wow.... look back at our comments.... "We should try to go together if you are here in the summer again!" Well....... I'm here!!!!!!!! :)


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