Mixed Berry Bellinis Made with Moscato d'Asti Recipe

This is one amazing drink.  Let's just start off with that!

This tasty drink is pretty much great for any occasion... ladies night, Christmas, New Years, birthday celebrations, or anything in between.

I love Moscato d'Asti alone, but adding the strained berries makes it so much better! 

This is not only my favorite drink, but everyone who has tried it has loved it as well. 

You will not be disappointed! 

Have fun and enjoy!!


You need:

1/4 cup sugar 

1-12-ounce package frozen mixed berries, thawed

1-750 ml bottle Moscato d'Asti

In the container of an electric blender, combine berries and sugar; process until smooth.  Strain mixture, if desired. Pour fruit mixture into a serving pitcher; slowly add wine, stirring gently to combine. 

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  1. I love the sound of this drink. This is my kinda cocktail right here. Love the berries in it!! Thank you so much for sharing at Foodie Friday and so happy that you have a featured recipe this week too!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. Thanks Brandie!! This is my all time favorite drink and if my blender wasn't broken, I would be making it all the time lol!! I need to invest in a new one ASAP! Merry Christmas!! :)

  3. Oh I came looking for another drink and got sidetracked. Love this one too.

  4. This one is amazing! It's my favorite drink recipe! Hope you like it!!

  5. Sounds like a great combo of flavors!


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