Small Wonder... Remeber this 80's sitcom??

We all have those favorite TV shows we watched growing up. I love being able to buy them on dvd and re-live a little bit of my childhood. There was this one show though, and I couldn't for anything, remember what it was. The only thing I remembered, was a girl who looked like Punky Brewster (in my mind, maybe the dark hair lol),  and she had an electronic panel in her back.  I thought maybe it wasn't even a real show or something since I had such a vague memory of it, but at the same time, it seemed like I watched it alot.

So here I am, browsing 80's and 90's stuff on Pinterest a couple weeks ago, and look what I find. A pin of Vicki the robot from Small Wonder!

Needless to say, I was geeked to finally solve this mystery! I rushed to ebay and bought the first season on dvd and couldn't wait for it to arrive. Well, we've had it for a few days now and Ella is hooked. She won't stop watching it! I have to say after all these years, I still love this show. It is super cheesy just like most 80's sitcoms were! The special effects are hilariously dumb and the characters are loveable.  It's a trip seeing all the old 80's stuff... toys, appliances, clothes, hairstyles, etc! Love it!

Short description from Wikipedia:
Small Wonder is an American science fiction sitcom that aired in first-run syndication from September 7, 1985 to May 20, 1989. The show chronicles the family of a robotics engineer who, after he secretly creates a robot modeled after a real human girl, tries to pass it off as their daughter.

Here is the intro song!

And you can't forget the little redhead nosy neighbor from next door, Harriet!

What were your favorite 80's or 90's sitcoms?? Have you bought any on dvd??

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