Blushing Mimosas Recipe

I'm loving all these great drink recipes I have been making lately, especially ones with Moscato d'asti or champagne. This is another excellent one with a slight twist on the regular Mimosa. Very tasty and light, and it goes down great!

What you need:
3 c. orange pineapple juice
2 tbsp grenadine
1- 750 milliliter bottle champagne or Moscato d'asti, chilled 

Stir together the first 3 ingredients in a pitcher. Then add the champagne or wine and lightly stir. Pour into champagne flutes or glasses. (2- 12oz cans of ginger ale or lemon lime soda can be substituted for the champagne)


Source: My recipes (slightly adapted)


  1. this was so good!! im going to be making it often!! good little drink for myself:)

  2. it was me your besty who commented:)

  3. Good little drink is right! I want one now and its not even!


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