Restaurant Review: Lucrezia Cafe in Chesterton, Indiana

I absolutely adore amazing little restaurants like the Lucrezia Cafe in Chesterton, Indiana. We were on our way out to my sister's house in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for an annual vacation, and we decided to stop off in Chesterton to grab a bite to eat. As soon as you pull off the freeway, you see a huge cluster of fast food and chain restaurants. Ish. In the middle of all that mess, I saw this small sign that said "historic downtown" and I knew we had to see what this downtown had to offer!

After driving and passing by a few restaurants and cute little shops, The word Italian caught my eye on the front of this charming little house. I had my Stepmom Monica, pull in the alley, and we walked up to a very nice and cozy patio where we decided to sit after being in the car for hours.

We were immediately greeted by the servers and seated. I especially loved this patio. It was surrounded by beautiful trees and a little fence, making it so relaxing and serene. The inside was very cool as well. The servers were very attentive, refilling the bread basket as soon as it was empty. The olive oil on the table was herbed and so incredible tasting, making it very addicting. They also had a lunch menu available, and since we were seated before 3pm, we were able to take advantage of the half portion lunch meals making it a great value. 

I ordered the Fettuccine with Salmon in Lemon Dill Sauce. It was astounding. The lemon flavor in the sauce was intense, and the salmon was so tender and flavorful. I highly recommend this dish!

 My nephew Michael ordered the Spaghetti with Meatballs and he said they were very good as well.

 Monica, my Stepmom, ordered the special for that day, Fettuccine with Shrimp, Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes, Roasted Garlic in Asiago Cream. She said it was a delightful blend of pasta, veggies and shrimp. I have to agree. (I had to try a bite!)

 Here is Ella enjoying her Minestrone Soup. I swear this little girl could eat soup all day, every day!

 If you are ever in this area, please stop by this unique restaurant. They also have a store next door selling some of their foodie items. You will be very impressed with the great food and service. I am so glad we stopped by!

You can find Lucrezia Cafe here:
428 South Calumet Road
Chesterton, IN 46304

Their Facebook page is here!
Their website is here!


  1. I will definitely have to try this place! It looks so yummy!!

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