Restaurant Review: Goodfella's Bar and Grill in Ronneby, MN

I am super picky when it comes to burgers. I've never eaten a fast food chain burger in my life and the burgers I've eaten have been mostly homemade. When I find a restaurant that has a phenomenal burger, I really need to rave about it. You will find those types of burgers at a restaurant called Goodfella's in the super tiny town called Ronneby, in central Minnesota. This place is so worth stopping at!

Goodfella's recently won the 2012 Burger Battle for the best burgers in the area. They have over 20 burgers to choose from on their menu and they weigh in at a 1/2 pound!! If you are brave enough, you can also try the 2 pound burger! We had a large group eating the evening we stopped by Goodfella's and the service was great along with the amazing food. The have a wide variety of other items on their menu besides burgers.

I decided to start my meal off with a Bloody Mary. Goodfella's Bloody Mary's are perfect with tons of flavor.

 The burger I ordered is called The Haystacker. This burger was way too good. The breakfast flavor goes great with the burger. It comes with one egg, hashbrowns, 2 strips of bacon and American cheese. 

 I chose the Pickle Potato soup as my side and it was to die for! I could've eaten a few bowls of that!

Alyssa ordered the Elvis Burger. It comes topped with peanut butter, bacon and American cheese. She really liked it!

 Grace had the Appetizer Sampler. It had a great variety and the quesadillas looked fabulous!

Here are some pics of what everyone else ordered!

You will not be disappointed with the Food at Goodfella's! The prices are reasonable and the quality is great!

You can find Goodfella's at:
14351 78th St NE
Ronneby, MN


  1. The burgers were fabulous! I went back several weeks later with my husband, step-son and his new wife. My husband lives for good beef, so we went because they were having their prime rib. It was wonderfully delicious. Great taste and very tender. Mark also likes Bloody Mary, so he had one, and found it to be one of the best he has ever tasted. Jason also makes one of the best Long Island Iced Teas I have ever tasted. I'll be back for another one of those along with for some great food. We are actually thinking about taking 2 other people with us so we can order the 2 pound burger!

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