Restaurant Review: Cafe Blue Heron in Cadillac, Michigan

My sister, Step Mom and I took a trip to Traverse City, Michigan last summer from Grand Rapids and needed somewhere along the way to eat breakfast. After Shannon found Cafe Blue Heron and Bakery while browsing online, we decided it had to be the place to stop. The menu looked delicious and I really loved that they use local farm fresh eggs in their breakfast. This restaurant is located in a cute area in Cadillac and the inside is so cozy. The fresh flowers between the booths added a special touch and I loved the ceiling.

Cafe Blue Heron is also a bakery and everything in their display cases looked fabulous. I would've bought something, but it was almost 100 degrees the day we went, so it never would've survived hanging out in the car all day.

I decided to order the Tuscan Omelet. It was the best breakfast at a restaurant I've ever had. The combo of ham, caramelized onions, fresh basil and white cheddar in the omelet was perfect and it had so much flavor. It was incredible. Breakfast also came with some outstanding fried potatoes, homemade grilled sourdough toast, freezer jam and fresh fruit. The potatoes were so flavorful and the waitress explained they are soaked in oil and seasonings for awhile before they are fried. However they were made, it was on point. I also loved the grilled sourdough toast and freezer jam. You can tell everything was so fresh and they use great quality ingredients. I was more that satisfied with everything.

My sister decided to order the Pesto Scrambler which is scrambled eggs with pesto and melted asiago cheese. The meal included potatoes, toast, jam, fruit and a side of you choice of meat. These eggs were also amazing and pesto is a great addition. The meal was perfect.

My Step Mom ordered the breakfast special of the week which was the Applewood Smoked Bacon and Spinach Omelet. It came with the same sides my omelet did. She thought the flavors were great, but needed something more like cheese. It was a little on the bland side. She was happy with her meal overall.

I highly recommend this restaurant. I was super impressed and the food was top notch. I really wish I had a restaurant like this in my area. I could see myself owning a restaurant just like this. Make sure if you are ever in the Cadillac area, you stop here! You will love it!!

You can find Cafe Blue Heron at:
304 N Mitchell
Cadillac, MI 49601

Their website is here and Facebook page is here!


  1. Such an amazing restaurant!! I am glad we were able to go!


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