The Selection by Kiera Cass

I'm always super excited when I know a new book is arriving in the mail! The day I received "The Selection by Kiera Cass" I knew I had to start reading it right away that night! The Selection series provides a light-hearted, romantic alternative to the more intense, dystopian YA novels/movies (The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, etc.). I'm a huge fan of Young Adult fiction, especially those with the dystopian type theme and this sounded like one I knew I'd thoroughly enjoy. 

The summary of The Selections drew me in immediately. The story line sounded alot like my favorite reality shows. Yes, I'm a junkie. 35 girls competing for a chance to marry Prince Maxon, and America Singer happens to be one of them. America is an awesome heroine, who's funny and stands up for what she believes in. Prince Maxon is down to earth despite being a prince and an overall great character. It's romantic, easy to read and the whole love triangle draws you in and keep you wondering what will happen next! Team America and Prince Maxon, over here!

The whole dystopian theme is right on with most other similar books I've read in the past. There are different castes, and the higher the number, the better off you are. This book is set in what's left of the United States of America after yet, another world war. America's family struggles with basic needs, especially food, while Price Maxon has anything and everything he could ever need. The Selection brings them together, and right off the bat, America is a favorite of everyone.

I loved the funny moments American and Prince Maxon have spent getting to know each other. My favorite was when America admitted to everyone that she was the one who yelled at Prince Maxon. It really showed her comedic side. I like how their relationship started off as a friendship only, then moved into something deeper. I truly believe lasting relationships can come from great friendships, and theirs reminds me so much of that.

I experienced a lot of different feelings while reading this book, as well as encountering tons of questions. The what if's, such as living a life like America and the what's next? Will she be the winner of The Selection and marry Prince Maxon? Will she be sent back to her family and marry off to someone else? Will she end up with her first love, Aspen? 

This book was a quick read for me and I really loved the flow of the writing style. I can see the rest of the series being addicting. In fact, I will be starting the next book The Elite soon, following with The One, and The Heir (launching May 5, 2015). I'm interested to see how America and Prince Maxon's relationship grows. I think they'll become even stronger, and hopefully a couple!

The Selection series is a perfect mother/daughter read because, while romantic, there is very little worrisome content. The romantic elements are kept at a sweet, clean stage. It's also great for adults who just enjoy a good, light read!

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