Common Ground "Field to Fork" Farm Dinner at Thalmann Family Farm in Plato, MN

Awhile back, I received an invite in my inbox for a farm dinner. I thought it sounded like a fun event and even though it was an hour and a half drive from my house it seemed worth the drive for a fun experience!

Common Ground Minnesota and Thalmann Family Farm were our hosts for the evening!

Common Ground is a group of Minnesota farm women who talk about all things farming and food. They share their personal experiences about conventional and organic crops, livestock and produce.

The Thalmann Family has a huge crop and seed farm near Plato, MN! The scenery at the farm was beautiful and their generational story was so informative.

When my sister Shantel and I first drove in the drive way, we were swept away by the beauty of the farm and the Field to Fork dinner set up!

There were long, wooden rustic family style tables decorated with gorgeous blue and white runners, table settings and colorful flowers. Strings of lights hung above making it a welcoming and peaceful setting.

We checked in at the front table, got out name tags and a fun and cooling fan/list of events for the evening!

We then ventured over to the appetizer table, drink table and bar! The best thing about this event? The food all came from local farmers and creameries and the beer and wine came from local wineries and breweries! I love keeping everything as local as possible!

The food and drink areas were also all gorgeously displayed!

The freshly squeezed lemonade was refreshing, and I even mixed my second glass with some of the iced tea! Amazing!

The appetizer table had a wonderful variety of local meats and cheeses along with crackers and fruit!

I could nosh on meats and cheeses all day long, so this spot was defintely my favorite!

There were separate tables for social hour and dinner! Each table had a different seed variety along with some gorgeous flowers! I loved looking around at each table to see what was different on each one!

I sampled the Winehaven Strawberry Rhubarb Wine since I'm a huge rhubarb fanatic! It was slightly sweet and perfect for a hot day. I would defintely buy it in the future!

After the farm tour and social hour, I had a few minutes to check out the the amazing seed and crop display!

I'm super familiar with some plants since I grew up in the country around farms, but enjoyed seeing some of the crops and seeds that weren't grown in my area!

Are you ready to check out the fantastic dinner we had?

First, I have to show you how beautiful and elegant our table set up was! Seriously, I wanted to bring the table home with me for my kitchen!

And last but not least, the salt and pepper! This was my favorite part of the table setting. I am doing this for my next dinner party!

Each plate had a sample of honey or pork seasoning and both are fantastic! I had a bottle of the pork seasoning at home already, so I decided to sit at a plate with the honey!

We also had a menu tucked inside our napkin, and the items on the menu were to die for.  I mean seriously... whoever planned this is a genius!

Pure home cooked comfort food. It doesn't get much better than this!

The meal was served family style, so I couldn't get pictures of everything. These few photos I did capture, gives you a great idea of how wonderful the rest of the meal was!

We even got to sit next to some of the Thalmann family at our table! They are wonderful people and we had a blast chatting with them!

I can't even put into words how much of fun, delicious and educational experience this farm dinner was!

I don't post photos of myself often, but here is my farm dinner selfie!

As you can tell, I'm full and happy! ;)

Thanks so much to Common Ground Minnesota and Thalmann Family Farm for the great evening!

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  1. This looks so amazing!!! What a beautiful place - the gorgeous decor and delicious food!! Wow!


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