Dining with Ella at Quark's American Bento in St Cloud, Minnesota

Thanks to Quarks American Bento for sponsoring this post. As usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hi! I'm Ella!

Sheena is my mom and I'm guest posting today. I'm going to tell you all about my favorite restaurant, Quark's American Bento in St Cloud, Minnesota.

My Mom wrote about Quark's here earlier this year and now I'm going to be telling you about their kids meals and my favorite things to eat there.

I like Quark's American Bento because it's a very healthy place, there are so many varieties to choose from and it's fast food that's good for you.

First I'll introduce you to the people at Quark's the day I visited!

Kim does Quark's social media and marketing, Adam and Lisa are the owners and my mom, Sheena! I'm the last picture and I was busy working on taking photos of my food at Quark's!

When you first walk into Quark's you see the tables where you can sit and the counter where you can order your food.

The day I went to Quark's I got my favorite kid's bento box meal, soup and tea!

I even tried the ahi tuna for the first time and I actually kinda liked it. It's salty, very pink and soft. I like the seeds for the crunch.

This was also my first time trying the soup at Quark's and I loved it!

Did you know they make their veggie broth using the leftover veggies from the day before? Kim also said the broth is a different color every day depending on what veggies are used.

It was pink when I tried it, but one time they had a beautiful emerald green broth that they haven't been able to make ever since. I think that's really cool.

Here's a picture of my soup! I used chicken, quinoa, veggies and the super seed blend on top.

I liked that the soup was nice and warm and that you can put anything you want in it, even the sauces.

My soup tasted like cabbage the most, and when I got to the bottom of the bowl, it was like hitting the jackpot! The quinoa was at the bottom and it tastes just like rice, but more healthy!

I also got my favorite kid's bento box.

I always start with white rice, then carrots, cucumber, sprouts, onions, both red and green cabbage, peas, seeds and my favorite sauce, Ginger Lime Vinaigrette!

Every time I visit Quark's I get this bowl. It's only $5 for the kid's bento box, so it's cheap enough for my mom to bring me here often to eat.

The last thing I tried was the hot Bliss Tea. The tea blends are all made especially for Quark's and they serve them natural and unsweetened.

I really like tea and how it tasted fruity.

My favorite drink at Quark's is their homemade lemonade, but they have tons of different natural drinks to pick from.

Quark's makes all their own sauces homemade and you can even buy them to bring home.

My mom bought me some Ginger Lime Vinaigrette!

I tried every sauce at Quark's and me and my mom are going to rate them for you! 1 is ok and 5 is amazing.

First off is the Sweet Chili Sauce! My rating is a 3. It's nice and sweet with a tiny bit of spice at first, then a big kick of spice at the end.

My mom rates it a 5. It's one of her favorites.

Second is the Toasted Sesame Sauce. I rate this sauce a 5 because it's salty and creamy. It actually has a yogurt base.

My mom also rates this one a 5. She pretty much likes everything she eats though.

Third is the Spicy Peanut Sauce. Ugh, this one is rated a 1 from me.

It tastes like peanut galore, but it's way too spicy. My mouth was burning.

My mom rates it a 3. She doesn't like much spiciness either but would still eat it sometimes.

Fourth is the Creamy Cucumber Sauce. This one gets a 2 from me. I personally don't like it much.

My mom rates it a 5 since this is her favorite sauce when combined with the Sweet Chili. She always gets that on her bento bowls.

Fifth is the Ginger Lime Vinaigrette which is my favorite and gets a 5 of course!

My mom rates it a 5 too since she loves any vinaigrette.

Sixth is the Ginger Curry Sauce. It only gets a 1 from me. It's strong and reminds me of chicken ramen noodles that I don't like.

My mom said it's a 4 for her.

Last but not least is the seventh sauce, Ginger Lemongrass. I rate it a 2. It's a little too lemony for me, but I love that they use Lemongrass essential oil to make it.

My mom rates this one a 5. She's not as picky as I am.

When I went to Quark's I even got to dress up like I worked in the kitchen! I think it looks pretty good on me and maybe I can work here someday when I'm older.

I hope you liked my first guest post on my mom's blog! I'll be back again sometime soon!

You can visit me at my own blog, Stuff I Fancy!


Dining with Ella at Quark's American Bento in St Cloud, Minnesota! Great meals for kids and adults, fresh, healthy, gluten free, affordable and delicious!

Message from Sheena:

Hey everyone! Thanks for reading Ella's first blog post! I hope you enjoyed it!

I just wanted to say as a Mom, Quark's is our top, healthy, fast food restaurant choice! Ella asks to go here at least twice weekly and I love to bring her as often possible!

It's affordable, great for families and even though it's downtown and you have to pay for parking, it's worth the extra 50 cents! Kids always eat free with an adult on Saturdays and the options are endless because of all the great and fresh meat, grain and veggie options!

Don't forget, it's also gluten free! The next time you're in St Cloud, Minnesota, stop by Quark's American Bento! You'll be surprised and delighted at the amazing food! Plus, they support local schools and charities, so every dollar you spend spreads through our lovely community in more ways than one!

Quarks American Bento
125 5th Avenue South St. Cloud, MN 56301
Phone: 320-774-1289

Monday–Thursday 10:30–8:00
Friday–Saturday 10:30–9:00
Sunday Closed

You can also follow Quarks on FacebookPinterestInstagram and Twitter!

Dining with Ella at Quark's American Bento in St Cloud, Minnesota! Great meals for kids and adults, fresh, healthy, gluten free, affordable and delicious!

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