Restaurant Review: 44th Street Dog & Dairy in Grand Rapids, Michigan

44th Street Dog & Dairy in Grand Rapids, Michigan is a typical looking drive in restaurant, but the food you will find here is far from typical. I love the atmosphere of walking up, ordering your food at the window and sitting at the wooden picnic tables to eat. The food was outstanding as well as the customer service, which is great since 44th Street Dog & Dairy is under new ownership. 

I knew immediately that I had to order the Chicago Dog meal which includes fries and a drink. The hot dogs at 44th Street Dog & Dairy are a great value. The 100% all beef hot dogs they serve are 1/6th of a pound and most places serve hot dogs which weigh 1/10th of a pound. This Chicago Dog was huge and messy which equals yummy goodness. It is topped with tomato slices, pickled peppers, onion, a pickle, celery salt and is served on a poppy seed bun. The fries were also very good and fresh tasting. It was quite amazing and I was very, very full after eating this combo meal.

We also tried the Pork BBQ sandwich. This sandwich is one of the most amazing and unique pork sandwiches I've ever had. Instead of a typical pulled pork which I had envisioned, it is thinly sliced deli ham with a sweet non barbeque type of sauce. I could eat this sandwich on a regular basis and am so sad that I live in Minnesota and cannot just drive down the street and get one!

Last but not least, we all tried a Flavor Burst Ice Cream Cone. This type of ice cream is completely new to me as I have never seen it in Minnesota at the places I've been. They are delicious!! It is so unique how the machine swirls the flavor in with the ice cream. The flavors we ordered were: Butter Pecan, Lemon, Raspberry and Black Cherry. The flavor is so bold and it is so refreshing on a hot summer day!!

I highly recommend you stop by and try this place out! You will not be disappointed!!

You can find 44th Street Dog & Dairy here:
521 44th St SW Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Their Facebook page can be found here!


  1. Thanks so much for the review! We totally appreciate it! You are too sweet!! Please come back when you are in GR!!

    1. Your welcome! Keep up the great work! I will be back someday :)

  2. I haven't seen a place like this in a long time! Thanks for sharing. If I'm ever passing through Grand Rapids, I'll be sure to stop!

  3. It was definitely great! Reminded me of days gone by when I was little and we had the Holker's Drive In in the town I grew up in. Such a treat to head in for a treat on a hot summer day.

    1. I can just imagine all of the fun places like this back in the day!


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